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Sentry Baby Products, LLC is a creative juvenile products company founded in 2015 and is committed to bringing safety through new innovation.

About Sentry Baby Products

Sentry's founder has been a CEO in the juvenile products industry for over two decades, including his last position as the CEO of an established car seat company. He has been awarded over 20 utility patents for juvenile products.

Prior to that, He was an Aerospace structural engineer responsible for high tech structures on the B2 Bomber, F22 Fighter and numerous military satellites. Once he and his wife had children he decided to change careers and enter the juvenile products market.

Since he is a father of two, he knows that every child loves stuffed animals and finds comfort and companionship with them. So why not evolve that benefit into a high quality booster cat seat that is as soft and comfortable as any high end plush animal. He recently formed Sentry to make the car seat travel experience fun as well as safe.

Sentry is just starting out. Many more products are in development with a team of talented and creative design engineers. Stay tuned for more to come.