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  • Sentry Baby Products also Available at Amazon
  • Sentry Baby Products also Available at Amazon

Sentry Guardimals Combination 3-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seats

Your child's favorite Stuffed animals has evolved into a cute and high quality plush toddler car seat. They offer the same comfort and companionship so boys and girls love to ride with their booster pals.

Sure they are cute, but the other benefits include:

  • They are the softest car seat on the market
  • kids bond with them and want to stay safely in their seat
  • As you child grows the seat matures to a non character no back booster (patented)

Sure they are cute, but they are serious about safety:

  • Created and designed by an aerospace structural engineer with kids
  • Rigorous safety crash testing in government certified laboratories meet or exceed FMVSS 213 government compliance requirements
  • The structural design of the seat yielded high safety margin
  • Deep headrest and sides for added side impact protection
  • 5-point harness for maximum security
  • Energy absorbing foam


  • Easy to install latch connectors
  • Mesh back for air flow cooling
  • Wrap around adjustable headrest with added side impact protection
  • Large removable cup holder, stain resistant washable pad

Cute Car Seats

Sentry Baby Products offers cute car seats for boys and girls. Our Guardimals line of cute car seats come a variety of animal designs including a tiger, monkey, puppy, and bear. All of our car seats meet or exceed FMVSS213 government compliance standards and are designed to go from full car seat to a booster seat without back.

Children love our cute car seats because they’re soft, comfortable, and fun! What can be better than being snuggled by a stuffed animal while passing time in the back of a vehicle? We use neutral color schemes in Guardimals line of cute car seats, making them suitable to both boys and girls. This makes them easier to pass from one child to another without concern of limiting the appeal of the car seat or booster seat because it was designed specifically for a boy or a girl.

The mesh back in our Guardimals plush animal car seats allows for air flow colling, and a wrap around adjustable headrest provides additional side impact protection for your child. The 3-in-one harness booster car seat setup increases the flexibility our Guardimals products from full car seat to booster seat—providing a better return on your investment.